Study Tours

Study Tours

Welcome to “Une Journee en Provence”…some highlights of our most recent study tour to France, where we visited with the wonderful farmers & distillers of our exquisite, medicinal-grade essential essences.

keribarrycynmarahinlavenderWe spent a wonderful week…touring the fields in Provence, learning directly from those whose life’s work is to bring medicinal grade essences to the World; sleeping among the lavender on Mt. de Cheiron, where our exquisite Highland Lavender is produced; strolling the fabulous markets and narrow, ancient streets; staying in quaint hotels; and reveling in the French food!!

MarahKeri&JuliingrassWe started our journey celebrating Cynthia’s birthday at an incredible restaurant in Nice. Our hotel overlooked the ocean, and the resultant breeze was greatly appreciated, as it cooled our rooms during the night. We picked Jasmine at a Jasmine farm, and learned what the small, boutique type of farmer faces in the competitive aromatherapy market. We had the time of our lives helping our friends, Sylvianne and Alain, harvest wild lavender on top of Mt. de Cheiron, where we slept under the stars, surrounded by lavender, the soft bleating of sheep on the mountainside, and the wonderful knowledge that, in the end, all is well with Mother Earth. We didn’t stay in a 5 star hotel…we stayed in a million star hotel, compliments of the Universe! The experience was indescribable.

roman ruinsWe visited several farmers who shared their knowledge and charm with us, shopped at a wonderful early morning, open-air market (complete with cured olives, just-baked croissants, and other delights), toured Roman ruins, visited a Celtic ruin, explored botanical gardens, and stopped in at a wonderful winery. We celebrated Audre’s birthday in the quaint town of Entrevaux, and also celebrated the birthday of one of our farmers, Ernest, with his friends from near and far. We concluded our trip with an unforgettable, celebratory dinner in Nice. These are just a FEW of the incredible experiences we had while in Provence.

farmerIt is a life-changing opportunity to meet these passionate, highly committed farmers and to learn the difference between mass-produced essential oils and those produced with heart, loving intention and personal involvement. Details about the timing and cost of our next journey will be posted on this site, once they are determined.

threeofuslavConsider joining us on our next unforgettable journey — not just to another country, but to another WORLD…the world of medicinal aromatherapy in Provence. Please call 505-438-0855 if you have any questions or to express your interest in upcoming trips. Bon Voyage!!