Authenticity…Why It Is SO Important

I know that I have written about authenticity before…but a couple of events occurred recently that brought it “front and center”.  I took that as a sign that this important topic needs to be discussed…and explored…again. First…the events.  #1:  I … Continue reading

Turmeric – The “Golden Goddess” & Announcements

Turmeric…Good for What (ever) Ails You! I have recently been working with several clients who are using Turmeric essential oil as part of their healing regimen.  One is working with hepatitis, another with cancer, and a third with high cholesterol. … Continue reading

Considering Frankincense (Revised)…

In his wonderful book, Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit, Gabriel Mojay describes Frankincense essential oil as having the capacity to “deepen the breath”…which makes it useful for bronchitis and asthma, “especially when associated with nervous tension.”  He also states Frankincense … Continue reading