Level I Classes

Level 1 Wisdom of the Earth Certification Seminar in Medicinal Aromatherapy

Learn the ancient art of Plant & Tree Medicine…the Original Medicine of the Planet!

In 2016 I taught my last formal, weekend Level 1 Wisdom of the Earth Certification class, however I will continue to teach our 5 1/2 day Advanced Aromatherapy Retreat with Barry & Cynthia in Arizona at Wisdom of the Earth, as well as private Level 1 classes, Skype Level 1 Classes, and on-line seminars.  It has been a blessing to teach this beautiful class for over 15 years!  Please visit www.WisdomoftheEarth.com to find a full listing of Level 1 classes taught throughout the US and Japan by our wonderful, certified WOTE teachers, many of whom studied with me.  Please review the seminar  information below to decide if this experience is right for you.

water lilyYou do not need any experience or prior training in Medicinal Aromatherapy to take this class and benefit greatly from it.  WOTE takes a heart-centered approach to our work with the Plant Kingdom…learning to listen to and follow their wisdom and honoring the ancient healing relationship between their species and our own.   Some participants have been drawn to essential oils for healing, but were disappointed in the results they obtained, or they took an introductory class and became fearful that they might use the oils inappropriately.  They are committed to trying another approach to aromatherapy to see if it can be all that they hoped it could be.

massage-photoOther participants have been using essential oils for relaxation or scent, but want to “step up” their use to maintaining and advancing their health and/or treating or preventing illness. Still others have been working informally with a number of essences and want to broaden their knowledge via formal training.  In some cases, they would like to extend their use beyond the personal and into their work…doctors, acupuncturists, chiropractors, yoga instructors, hypnotherapists, personal trainers, etc.

Whether you fit into one of these “categories”, or are in a category of your own, no worries!  Our teachers are able to structure the class to meet the needs and expectations of the entire group so that no one feels “left behind”, or conversely, that the information covered is too basic.  It is our intention that you will leave this class with the knowledge to use the essences for a wide variety of purposes, and will respect, not fear, their healing power.  And, please know that, once you are certified by WOTE, you can always (and should always) call your teacher if you have a question about a particular essence or situation.  Barry, Cynthia and I are available to you, as well.

While we are flexible and inclusive in our approach to teaching the Level 1 class, there is a lot of information covered, and many experiences that you will process long after the class is over.  So, please trust that this information is something that we all know in our hearts, and that your facilitator is helping you to remember your birthright…vibrant health, sense and love of self, a deep connection to the natural world, and clarity regarding your purpose on the planet at this time.


Class Specifics

egyptians and oils

  • This foundational intensive is designed to ground the participant in a basic but deep understanding of the ancient relationship between humans and the Plant Kingdom.  While allopathic medicine is barely 150 years old, plant and tree medicines are thousands of years old, and medicinal aromatherapy is steeped in this ancient tradition.
  • We cover approximately 35 essential oils or essence “families” (e.g., the Spruces) in depth, exploring the physical, emotional and spiritual issues they address.  
  • A wide range of application methods, from the auricular method to the “cold-hot-cold” layering technique, are demonstrated and discussed.
  • We cover essence production processes and issues, including adulteration and factors affecting quality and price
  • Several meditations are included (some quite short, one relatively long) to reinforce the connection with the unseen world and the wisdom and peace it imparts.  Bring a journal, as there will be time after each to record your impressions and experiences.
  • A “hands-on” practicum concludes the seminar, where students are paired  up and have the opportunity to work with the essences and with each other.

Seminar Fees and Locations

level 1 class large picThe regular tuition for the Level 1 Certification class is $475.  The tuition must be paid in full at the time of registration.

Two text books (the WOTE Reference Guide – 2015 Edition and Wisdom of the Earth Speaks the Truth About Medicinal Aromatherapy, both by Barry Kapp) are included with the course material.  Once you are certified by Wisdom of the Earth, you may audit the Level 1 class for free, space permitting (see below, under Certification Fees & Benefits).  If you have already purchased one or both of these texts, please let me know at the time of registration, and the cost will be deducted from your tuition.

We have teachers throughout the US and Japan, and the WisdomoftheEarth.com website lists upcoming Level 1 Seminars and provides a brief bio of all of our Teachers and Master Distributors.  Please feel free to contact a teacher to learn about their style and class requirements to see if they are a good fit for you.


Certification Requirements in Addition to Seminar Attendance

writeCertification Paper:  You will have three months after the class to write a paper on an essence of your choosing…one that you connect deeply with, or are deeply curious about, and are called to know better.  Your paper should include information about where the essence is produced, something about the plant or tree from which it comes, any historical information about the essence and its use (spiritual, emotional and/or physical) that is noteworthy, and, most important, your experience with it.  How have you used it…have you shared it with friends or family?? What did they experience??  Many students share photographs, artwork or poetry that they have been inspired to produce as a result of their experience with the essential oil.  All of these are acceptable and welcomed!!  This is about YOUR journey with this essence…how you came to know her and select her, and what you have learned ABOUT her and FROM her.

Certification Fee & Benefits

There is a $25 administrative fee for Barry Kapp to read your paper and issue to you a Wisdom of the Earth Certificate acknowledging your participation in the class and the completion of your Paper.  Once your paper and administrative fee have been received, you are considered a Wisdom of the Earth Wholesale Distributor (WD), and are entitled to the following:

  • Wholesale Distributor Pricing, which is 22% less than the Practitioner (Retail) price, on all of the essential oils and hydrolats.  There are also discounts on other products, like AromaKits and WOTE books, but the discount amount varies.
  • Auditing privileges at any of our Level 1 classes…you may audit the class as many times as you wish,  without cost, space permitting.  Auditors are asked to bring some type of healthy refreshment/snack for the class (cookies, tea, soup or something of that nature) and help during the class by pulling essences from the testers or returning them to their place, as requested.  Auditors also help to set up and clean up, and pull orders at the end of the class.  We also welcome and encourage their participation in discussions, meditations and practical application exercises, as we believe their contributions add value to the class.