Consultation Services

Consultation Services

essential oil & petalsThe Plant Kingdom offers a vast array of options for situations ranging from medical conditions, to maintaining wellness, to expanding one’s intuitive and spiritual experiences.  For some, the magnitude and diversity of these options is a bit overwhelming, and they need some assistance in determining which essences are best for their needs and interests.  Others are not exactly sure what is behind the symptoms they are experiencing, and need some guidance in getting to the bottom of life long patterns or dealing with a recent health problem.  Finally, some people are looking for someone to create a sacred ceremony to honor a significant life event, like a birth, wedding, divorce or graduation.  All of these are situations that can be addressed or enhanced with essential oils.

There are two primary ways I work with people to bring my experience and intuition to bear on their needs.  First, I do personal consultations regarding essences to address individual needs and interests.  Below, I describe the personal aromatherapy consultations that are available, and the “Your True Essence” consultation, which includes a custom AromaKit, designed to support the issues and goals expressed, as well as essences that I intuit during the consultation.  The former is usually focused on health or emotional situations that need to be addressed directly; the latter is more of an exploration into personal growth areas of interest, using the essences to support that journey.

I also work with people to create ceremony to honor life events like marriage, birth or divorce, or to use ceremony to shift energies in one’s life or environment.  I create a ceremony, based upon the individual needs, and utilize key essential oils to amplify the actual ceremony and to maintain the essence of the experience going forward.  These services are described in the next page, Essence Ceremonies.

Personal Aromatherapy Consultation
(One-on-One In Person, by Phone, or Via the Internet)

woman walkingHave you been given a medical diagnosis, but are not convinced that it is accurate?  Have you received one or more types of treatments or procedures for the same condition with little or no success…or worse…have experienced serious side effects or problems as the result of pharmaceutical drugs and/or surgical procedures?

Perhaps situation you are dealing with isn’t physical in nature; perhaps you are not as vibrant or as happy as you once were…or always thought you would be.  Maybe you are struggling with relationship issues with a loved one, or are struggling to understand your purpose in this life.  Maybe you wish to deepen your spiritual practice or expand your intuitive skills.

There are as many reasons to work with the essences as there are people.  Everyone is different…and that is what makes life interesting!  I do know, however, that there is literally no situation or condition or desire that can’t be supported by the Plants & Trees.

The process…I use a combination of my deep knowledge of and experience with plant and tree essences, my years of coaching and counseling experience, and my desire and ability to TRULY listen, to assist you in determining how to approach your situation using essential oils.  We jointly develop a game plan for making progress on goals that are important to you, and identify essences that will support that plan and move it forward.  I consider your needs, your preferences and your budget in determining which essences to recommend, both for the short and long term.

butterfly man crop circleMy greatest joy in what I do is to see the transformation in people who make the essences a part of their lives…to see them heal – first, on the outside (physically), and then, to see the beautiful changes that begin to come from within.  It is a profound reminder that essential oils work on all three levels – physical, emotional and spiritual.

Consultations can be done in person or long-distance; communicating by phone or via the Internet works beautifully, and I am always amazed and heartened at the depth of a connection that can be made in any of these ways.

Consultations are billed on the basis of the actual time spent, with a minimum charge of 30 minutes.  My base rate is $150 per hour, plus applicable sales tax.  Any essences purchased at the conclusion of the consultation are additional.

Audre, how can I thank the Universe for introducing you and me?  I am reflecting on our conversation and will do so as many times as it takes to fully recognize and use the wisdom contained in it.  You really helped me.  Thank you for being honest and sincere and speaking from your heart.  B.R. (AZ)
The oils have done something amazing and incredible for me.  Your support and words of healing have changed my life.  Thank you is not enough for the way I am feeling.  J.S. (NM)
I wanted to thank you for all of your support and guidance with the oils.  You may recall that, when I first came to see you, one of the issues was pre-cancerous cells.  My doctor had wanted me to have a more invasive surgery last spring, and I told her, ”No thanks”, and instead, suggested a biopsy of the area in six months.  Well, I had the biopsy and it came up completely clear last week!  I know it was the oils.  They are magical, and so are you.  In gratitude, M. D. (NM)
I just wanted to thank you for the loving support you offered during our telephone session.  Although we have not yet met, I felt you open you heart to me and was (almost) surprised by how easy it was to jump into the work we needed to do together – deep, effortless communication…I love it!  I have been using the oils you suggested and have already noticed a shift in my energy.  I believe your suggestions were spot-on.  I feel safe, supported and like I am doing what I need to do.  Thank you again for your wisdom and insight.  LK (NY)

“Your True Essence” – Intuitive Essence Consultation & Custom AromaKit Designed & Created Just for You or a Loved One

Whether done by phone, in-person, or by a description provided by someone for their loved one, I will use my intuition and heart-based connection with the plants and trees to divine an AromaKit especially for you.  It will include essences that I intuit to help you manifest your hopes and dreams, address your challenges, and most important, support you in being your authentic self…in all of your glory!

let your light shineCelebrate YOUR true essence!  Let the essential oils bring your gifts to your greater awareness and let your light shine!  Call to schedule what may be an incredibly important step in honoring you and your unique path.  A Your True Essence AromaKit also makes a very loving gift for a close friend or family member who is at a “cross roads” or is seeking a greater sense of self and purpose.

The cost includes the AromaKit (custom fabric holder), up to 15 2 ml essences, and the design of the kit, which includes the selection of the essences and the personalized, written description of each which explains why it was selected and how it can be used.  For example, this is a description of Coriander Seed from a Your True Essence AromaKit that I recently created for a client:

Coriander Seed:  She is so much about creating, creative expression and listening to our own inner voice.  Coriander reminds us that we, and only we, are the ones who can limit or free ourselves via our beliefs. The world responds to our perception of it.  On a physical level, Coriander is wonderful for cleansing & detoxifying the intestines.  She is an excellent blood sugar equalizer and supports digestion.  Wonderful placed over the heart for emotional and spiritual support or on the abdomen for physical support.

The minimum cost is $150 and can range up to $300+, depending upon the budget I am given and the essences chosen.  Sales Tax and S&H are extra, if applicable.

I just love my custom AromaKit!  My mother gave it to me for my college graduation, and it was my favorite present.  Thank you so much!  L.J., (AZ)
Everything arrived safe and sound for both me and my mom!  My mom was sooooooo excited to receive her package (okay…so was I)!  Thank you for putting your heart and soul into the oils and allowing your intuition to create a healing foundation for both of us.  J.P. (NC)