Announcement!!  I have decided to retire from teaching our Level 1 Certification course after this year; I will continue to teach our 5 1/2 day Advanced Aromatherapy Retreat with Barry & Cynthia in Arizona at Wisdom of the Earth, as well as private classes and on-line seminars.  See the Calendar page of this site for the one remaining Level 1 date (September) in 2016.  It has been a blessing to teach this beautiful class for over 15 years!

I offer a variety of classes and educational options from my Shining Sun Aromatherapy studio in Nambe, NM, about 25 minutes north of Santa Fe. The Wisdom of the Earth certification classes (Level 1 & Level II) are described in depth on their own individual pages below, as is our periodic trip to Provence to study with our farmers. However, there are other forms of study that are more personalized and flexible, and they are discussed here.

Individual Study/Mentoring

These sessions can be done in person or by phone/Skype. The choice of topics and questions rests with the student. I serve as a resource and sounding board for you.

Audre sunlight ag retouch (1)Some students prefer to study independently with me instead of, or apart from, our Level 1 Seminar. My rates for individual study are the same as my consultation rates — $150 per hr. Students who choose this path define the topics they wish to cover, whether they have specific questions such as “What is the difference between a Lavender and a Lavandin?” or wish to explore broader topics, such as “What are some of the topical and internal application/usage options in medicinal aromatherapy?”



love-bookOne student, who was writing a book on spirituality and aromatherapy, wished to periodically spend an hour on the phone with me about 6 months after she took Level 1, going over her notes, reflecting on her ongoing experiences with the oils (both personally and with clients), and asking questions which arose from both of these sources.


girl on computerIn other cases, the student wishes to cover the Level 1 curriculum and receive certification via independent study. I have recently worked with students who wish to study with me via SKYPE or other video technologies. This is very effective and allows those who cannot make the trip to NM, or one of our other Level 1 locations, to learn about the medicinal, spiritual and emotional aspects of using pure essential oils.
Every request is different. If you have any interest in an option that is more flexible and individually focused, please call to discuss. The sessions can be done in person or by phone; both seem to work equally well. Remember… the responsibility for the topics and questions rests with the student unless we are covering the Level 1 Curriculum.

Internet Classes on Special Topics (To Be Announced)

I am currently developing classes on topics ranging from “Connecting with the Angelic Realm via Essential Oils” to “Be True to Yourself – Using Essences to Discover and Honor Your Authentic Self”. I plan to offer them via the Internet in an Audio/Audio-Visual format, and will announce them via Facebook, my Essential Thoughts/Love Notes, and this site.

Offerings Local to Santa Fe

Essence Meditations

love_birds1I periodically offer Essence Meditations at my office in Nambe, NM, just north of Santa Fe. These offer an informal overview of medicinal aromatherapy and a chance to experience Wisdom of the Earth Essences in a sacred group meditation setting. Several essences are chosen which are particularly suited to the topic of the meditation (e.g., Heart Opening; Chakra Balancing, Peace Within, etc.). Each participant applies the these essences and then I facilitate a guided meditation, followed by silent meditative time.

Even those who have never meditated, or who feel that they have tried and not been successful, have had very powerful and memorable experiences in the Essence Meditations.

Audre, we all had a fabulous time at your house, and the room was filled with such a great energy.  Personally, it was a breakthrough for me…the essential oils are definitely something I want to incorporate into my life.  They are very powerful and empowering!  Thank you for this meditation celebration, this perfect moment!  -N.B., Santa Fe, NM

Santa Fe Aromatherapy Meet Up

Meet UpI also sponsor an Aromatherapy Meet Up group in the southern part of the city, near the Community College. Click here to be taken to my MeetUp page, which includes notices of scheduled meetings. It is a great opportunity for those interested in all that pure essential oils have to offer to gather with like-minded people and learn about the oils, and their properties and use.

I am over the moon with your Aromatherapy Meet Ups!  You and your work are a wonderful blessing to the world.  To be in the company of these essences and like-minded people is extremely nurturing.  A woman I walked out with tonight said that the experience put her in an altered state…I couldn’t have said it better myself.  I’ve never before had experiences like this with essential oils.  –D.W., Santa F, NM

Hopefully, with all of these options, there is a way for you to delve more deeply into the fascinating world of natural plant medicines, if that is your desire. I would be honored to be your teacher if the philosophies and approaches we espouse resonate with you.