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Welcome!  This web page contains the most recent issue of Love Notes…past issues can be found in the Love Notes Archive.   Because I have been focusing on my blog, Essential Thoughts and this new website, Love Notes has taken a bit of a “back seat”…thus, the February 2012 issue is the “current” Issue.  There is a lot of interesting information, presented in depth, on various essences and topics.  To share this periodic e-news with others, please use the link at the end of the newsletter.

Love Notes…from Shining Sun Aromatherapy

February 2012
Welcome to “Love Notes”…my periodic E-News on all things Essential! This issue is devoted to the concern held by many that they cannot “afford” high quality essential oils. Nothing could be further from the truth, and I hope I am able to debunk that myth. I also have a lot of announcements this time around, so please don’t get lost in that and miss the article on affordable essences!

Thank you to all of the new subscribers who have signed up via my website and my postings on Twitter and Facebook. I also greatly appreciate the enthusiastic response to my Essential Thoughts postings. Please feel free to share this information with others, as you feel is appropriate! I am but one voice for the plants and trees…but with your help…my voice will reach many others!

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Interviews and Presentations

Several of these are interviews I have done, and the Community Listening presentations are done by me, Barry & Cynthia, my colleagues at Wisdom of the Earth.  They cover a lot of topics, some great stories are shared, and essence recommendations and properties reviewed.

Natalie Kimbrough interview–the-power-of-true-herbal-essences/

Katie Sweetman Interview:

Lois Wetzel Interview

Community Listening Radio on BlogTalk Radio – Gary Purifory/Messages from the Earth:

Essential Oils: Addressing the Affordability Issue

A long-standing client of mine recently made the comment “A lot of my friends can’t afford the oils.” I appreciate that many people are facing challenging times — now, more than ever — but I honestly feel that the perception that pure essential oils are “too expensive” is not only an issue of setting one’s priorities, but also buys into a mis-perception that all essences are very costly. So, I wanted to focus this issue on the issue of affordability — how to have pure, powerful essential oils at a price within the reach of almost anyone.

Years ago, I put a listing of all of our essences intoa spreadsheet, and then sorted them by price–looking for the most economical and multi-use essences for my “Emergency Kit” AromaKit. I remember being pleasantly surprised a the number of choices I had below $25, so that is the price point I decided to use for this article. What are the Wisdom of the Earth essences available at less than $25 (in the 5 or 15 ml size), and what are their healing properties? That is, can you address virtually any physical, emotional and spiritual issue “on a budget”?

Keeping in mind the premise of this discussion…that you do not have to sacrifice quality or purity to afford essential oils…here is my top 28 (or maybe I should say “bottom 28”!) essences for your consideration. They are at the low end of the price range that we offer, yet, I believe that every essence on this list is an incredibly powerful and versatile healer!

1. Balsam gurjun: My “go to” essence for insect stings or bites. Also wonderful for respiratory infections, urinary tract infections, dermatitis, and intestinal cleansing. $21 15 ml

2. Cardamon Seed: My “go to” essence for anything cardio…irregular heartbeat, racing heart, heart ache, heartburn. Also great for digestive issues. Wonderful, gentle chi-warmer.
$23 5 ml

3. Carrot Seed: My “go to” essence for the eyes; have used it successfully with Frankincense (another in our list of affordable essences) for “night blindness” and “pink eye.” Applied by dotting it, with the forefinger, above the eyebrow, down the side of the face, and then around under the cheekbone. Think big “Cs” or parentheses on either side of your face! In Level 1, we call it “raccoon eyes.” $16 5 ml

4. Cedarwood, Atlas: Found in my Emergency Kit, this essence is a “go to” for adrenal support and energy. Also good for scalp ailments and other skin diseases, hair growth, and chronic congestion. $23 15 ml

5. Cedarwood, Virginia: Though the “common name” is cedarwood, she is actually a juniper. This essence is also great for the adrenals, and addresses chronic coughs, bronchitis, and skin problems like psoriasis. $22 15 ml

6. Citronella: Anti-fungal, known world-wide as an insect repellant, anti-spasmodic, for diabetes, flus & colds, headaches. $23 15 ml

7. Cypress, Jade: Highly anti-viral; known to be effective with shingles. Works with the heart chakra…balancing and expanding. Anti-bacterial, supports the immune system. Works with our dream-time to bring up and resolve core issues. $17 5 ml

8. Eucalyptus, Blue Gum: One of my “go to” essences for diabetes (along with Sweet Fennel). Blood sugar equalizer, anti-bacterial, intestinal parasites, respiratory, anti-viral. $21 15 ml

9. Eucalyptus, Lemon: Not a blend, this is a variety of Eucalyptus that is citrusy in nature, thus the common name, “Lemon”. Fabulous as an insect repellant (tested favorably against the West Nile mosquito); is anti-fungal, and supports the respiratory system. $23 15 ml

10. Eucalyptus, Mint: Not a blend, the aroma of this variety has minty undertones. Excellent for asthmatics, and the “go to” respiratory choice for infants, children and elders. $22 15 ml

11. Frankincense: One of the “go to” essences for cancer. Also very anti-spasmodic, wonderful for the immune system, and highly anti-viral. Excellent for spiritual expansion, meditation. $21 5 ml

12. Grapefruit: Incredible for lymphatic support, all citruses raise our spirits, and Grapefruit is no exception! Blood purifier and digestive supporter. Highly anti-bacterial and is wonderful to use for laundry and cleaning. Also helps set our internal “clock”…so, she is great for traveling across time zones. May be skin sensitive; do a test patch or use on soles of the feet. $22 15 ml

13. Hyssop: An ancient essence, I literally use her as a “wild card” for any serious condition (i.e., I make sure I include her in the protocol). One of the highest anti-viral essences known, great for Herpes 1&2 and hepatitis A,B,C. We call her “The Forgiveness Deva”, as she helps us go into our hearts and find forgiveness…even for ourselves. $21 5 ml

14. Lavandin sumian: Not a true lavender, lavandins are man-made clones (hybrids) of lavendula officinalis and lavendula latifolia. Very soothing and calming, aids in sleeping. Also very anti-bacterial. Good for bumps and bruises. $21 15 ml

15. Lavandin grosso: Ear, nose and throat infections; hair loss/baldness; detoxifier, sciatica, insomnia. $21 15 ml

16. Lemon: Lemon is another “wild card” type of essence, in that there is very little that Lemon won’t help. Highly anti-bacterial, anti-cancerous, pH balancer, blood pressure balancer, parasites, anti-depressant. Skin sensitive – use on the soles of the feet. $21 15 ml

17. Lemongrass, American: Anti-oxidant, parasites-including lice, fevers, digestion, anti-inflammatory. Great for cleaning due to high anti-bacterial properties. Skin sensitive – use on the soles of the feet. $23 15 ml

18. Lemongrass, Indian: More gentle on the skin than the American variety. Highly disinfectant, also great for fighting/repelling parasites. $23 ml

19. Lime, Mexican: Wonderful for comforting hurt feelings, feelings of loss and sorrow. Also highly anti-bacterial, and great in your water bottle for purifying the water when traveling and aiding digestion. Aids releasing addictions, mental clarity, anti-cancerous, builds pH. Skin sensitive-use on the soles of the feet. $16 15 ml

20. Litsea cubeba: A very uplifting essence…excellent for using in diffusers because of its affordability and its strong anti-bacterial properties. Balances blood pressure, supports digestion, addresses excessive sweating, and brings mental clarity. On the emotional front, this essence helps take the edge off of very painful memories so that you can begin to work with them and heal. Skin sensitive – use on the soles of the feet. $21 15 ml

21. Niaouli: I always call this “The Workhorse” of Aromatherapy. Naiouli is wonderful for so many things…headaches (including migraines), digestion, respiratory issues, and infections. Anti-viral, anti-bacterial and supports the lymph glands. $23 15 ml

22. Orange, Blood Red: An incredibly beautiful, uplifting aroma. Great to lift your spirits from depression, sadness, frustration. Also anti-cancerous, as all citruses are. Harmonizes blood sugar, & addresses heart palpitations. Skin sensitive – use on the soles of the feet. $21 15 ml

23. Orange, high aldehyde: Known, too, as Sweet Orange, this essence is also wonderful for lifting the spirits. Also addresses the physical health of the heart. Cellulite reducer, and helps with water retention. Skin sensitive – use on the soles of the feet. $19 15 ml

24. Peppermint (US): Another incredibly multi-faceted essence, Peppermint works with digestive issues, headaches (including migraines), anger, foggy thinking, and low energy. She supports the liver and the central nervous system. $19 15 ml

25. Savory, Mountain (Drome Valley, FR): Highly anti-viral and anti-microbial. Good to layer with Birch and Spike Lavender for arthritis and scoliosis. Strong support for the immune system. Hot essence; must layer between two cool (yin) essences or use on the soles of the feet. $18 5 ml

26. Spearmint: Blood pressure balancer, supports/cleanses the liver, also addresses digestive issues. Wonderful in your water as a breath freshener and gentle energy provider. Appetite suppressant. $21 15 ml

27. Spikenard: An ancient essence recognized since biblical times, Spikenard is one of the strongest anti-fungal agents in nature. She is also a powerful sedative, so she is a great help to those with insomnia. She increases our “receptive awareness”, spiritually, enabling us to connect more easily and deeply with our higher wisdom, the angelic realm, the natural world, and Creator. $21 5 ml

28. Tangerine: A wonderful citrus we use a lot to diffuse anger, frustration in children and adults. Great for inner child work. Very uplifting and helps you find patience when it is in short supply. Supports the gallbladder and bile production. Anti-septic. Skin sensitive, so use on the soles of the feet. $22 ml

So, there you have it! 28 beauties below $25. A huge “Thank You” to our wonderful farmers, who do so much to bring these to us…to all of us. And, of course, a huge “Thank You” to Mother Earth, who shows her love for us in so many ways, one of which is the beauty and healing power of the plants & trees.

A Quote to Consider…

We can be Knowledgeable with other men’s knowledge, but we cannot be wise with other men’s wisdom. ~ Michel de Montaigne

Shining Sun Aromatherapy is the Santa Fe Aromatherapy practice of Audre Gutierrez. The content of this newsletter is born from her experiences, education and intuition. It is hoped that the information contained herein will support you in making personal choices that enhance your health, happiness and well-being.


Did you know….

Bacteria…do not develop resistance to plant medicines. Plant medicines, unlike pharmaceuticals, contain thousands of complex compounds that work synergistically; they are so complex that it is very difficult for pathogenic bacteria to develop resistance.

Numerous plant medicines have shown activity against all the bacteria that have developed resistance to human phramaceuticals. Plant medicines also have very few side effects. The African herb, Cryptolepsis, for example, is more effective in treating even non-resistant malarial strains in clinical trials than pharmaceuticals, and possesses none of the side effects that chloroquine produces. ~ Stephen Harrod Buhner, The Lost Language of Plants (p.208)

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