AromaKits…Featuring Wisdom of the Earth Essential Oils

2 ml bottles


Convenience, beauty and savings, all in one!  SSA’s AromaKits are individually made fabric holders containing 15 re-fillable 2 ml bottles, each  of which holds approximately 60 drops of essential oil.  The Kits can be individually-created…that is, you select the essences you would like…or you can choose from those I have designed to explore different avenues and aspects of life.   AromaKits allow you to experience a number of essences at significantly lower cost than the standard-sized bottles of each, and a Kit fits easily in a purse or briefcase.

Shining Sun Aromatherapy offers the following specialty AromaKits:  Ascension, Blessed Event, Chakra Balance, The Essence of Collaboration, HeavenScent…Calling in the Angels, Peaceful Journey…A Hospice Kit, Emergency Kit, Love is in the Air, Manifest!, Scent of a Woman and Dream, Dream, Dream.

A Travel Kit is also available, which consists of the fabric holder and 15 empty bottles with labels, so that you can pour an AromaKit from your own essence supply.

All AromaKit essences are hand-poured, and each comes with 1-3 pages of information that beautifully describes how each specially-selected essence contributes to the overall purpose of that particular AromaKit.  Please note that Shining Sun Aromatherapy does not refill the small bottles from the Kits; the client may purchase standard-sized bottles to refill their favorites.

ravintsaraHere are some examples from the Essence Guides that accompany Specialty AromaKits. In HeavenScent…Calling in the Angels, Ravensara is described as follows:

Archangel  Michael “Who is Divine; Who is like unto God”/Ravensara:   Ravensara calls forth  Michael’s strength and protection, giving you the fortitude to overcome obstacles or difficulties in life.   Michael gives you the courage to be your authentic self and be true to your soul path.  His sword can be called upon to cut any emotional ties that bind you to past memories, allowing you to move forward in life.  He is the Leader of all the archangels.

laurel leafIn Manifest!, one of my most popular AromaKits, the description of Laurel Leaf explains Her healing properties and Her role in the manifestation process:

Lymphatic, blood pressure, anti-viral, digestive, tonic for kidneys & reproductive system, purifies, protects. Strong boost to self esteem; gives courage in the face of challenge.  A few drops on the throat chakra support the process of DECLARING our intention to the world through our spoken and written words; declaration is a powerful force in manifesting our dreams.

“Your True Essence” Custom AromaKits

I also love to design custom AromaKits for people…whether for themselves or as a special gift.  After consulting with them about their desires, needs and budget, I intuit between 10 and 15  essences and create a custom “Your True Essence” AromaKit and Essence Guide especially for them.    The minimum charge for a custom AromaKit is $150, and the total depends upon the number and type of essences included.

To discuss or order a “Your True Essence” custom AromaKit, please call (928-300-5090 0r 505-438-0855), or email me (

AromaKit Descriptions

Please visit the AromaKit section of the Store:  to purchase your AromaKit(s).  For WOTE Certified Students, please email me at for the discount code to use at  checkout.

ascensionAscension ($140 + S&H)  Twelve 2 ml Essences & Fabric Holder

Essential oils open the door to the secrets of the plant and tree kingdom; they connect you to the stars, the sun, the wind, the rain, and Mother Earth.  They support you in accessing the music of the ages, receiving the messages that have always been there for you, and having the trust and the courage to respond with a resounding YES. This special selection of essential oils should be used over your heart, on your crown chakra, and/or on your third eye. They can be used together (layering several at a time) or singly. The choice and the journey are yours.

Essences included:  Angelica Root, Basil (Holy), Buddha Wood, Cedar Leaf, Cedarwood (Himalayan), Frankincense, Hyssop, Lavender (Highland – 1200m), Sage (White), Spikenard, Tangerine, and Tansy (Wild)

 blessedeventBlessed Event   ($140 + S&H)  Twelve 2 ml Essences & Fabric Holder

These essences have been especially selected to nurture the mother-to-be during her pregnancy, prepare & strengthen her body and spirit for the experience of labor and delivery, and welcome the new little one with grace and love. Essences known for their benefit, both in modern and ancient times, are included…designed to honor the strength and power of the woman, as well as the influence and loving support of the angelic realm.  Because of their rarity and cost, starred (*) essences in the list below are provided in a 1 ml size.

Essences included:  Eucalyptus (Blue Gum), Fir (Balsam), Geranium, *Jasmine (Egyptian), Lavender (Spike), Mandarin, *Neroli (Egyptian), Nutmeg, Basil (Sweet), Rose Hip Seed (rosa rubiginosa), Spruce (White) and Ylang Ylang.

chakra balanceChakra Balance ($130 + S&H)  Fifteen Essences & Fabric Holder

The chakras are energy centers in the body, whirling vortexes that connect us to the Earth’s vibration and reflect/direct the life energy we hold within us.  Unbalanced or stagnant chakras keep us off-center, drain our life energy and sap our vitality.  Balanced, active chakras reveal themselves in those who face life…who LIVE life…with direction, passion and joy.   The essences in this AromaKit have been especially selected to enhance the flow of energy within and between the chakras, helping to remove any blockages or stimulate the movement of stagnant energy..  Live in Balance…Live in Harmony!

Essences included:  Juniper Berry (Drome Valley), Cedarwood (Virginia), Orange (Blood Red), Fir Needle (Siberian), Lemongrass (Indian), Ginger, Ylang Ylang, Cardamon Seed (Green), Laurel Leaf, Spruce (Blue), Spikenard, Frankincense, Spruce (White), Tansy (Wild), Geranium.

 dream dream dream aromakitDream, Dream, Dream ($180 + S&H) Fifteen 2 ml Essences & Fabric Holder

Designed to facilitate both deep, restful sleep and dreaming and dream retention, Dream, Dream, Dream is the newest AromaKit from Shining Sun Aromatherapy.  Our dreams are a window into our creativity, our spirit and our desires.  Fitful sleep robs us not only of our energy and clarity, but also our exploration of these inner worlds.  These special essences enhance our dream experience and bring forth the beauty and mystery of our deepest feelings and possibilities.

Essences included:  Spikenard, Tansy (Wild), Zanthoxylum, Spruce (White), Chamomile (Wild), Copal, Spearmint, Cypress (Emerald), Fir (Douglas), Lavender (Highland-1200m), Rosemary verbenone, Tansy (Blue), Violet, Frankincense, Buddha Wood.

emergencykitEmergency Kit ($90 + S&H)  Twelve 2 ml Essences & Fabric Holder

This AromaKit includes a wide variety of economical, multi-purpose essences designed to be taken on vacations, camping, or business trips.  Each 2 ml bottle’s 60 drops are enough to allow a 5-7 drop application once a day for a week to 10 days.  This is the only kit that come with an explanation of the key properties of each essence, and also a symptoms list, which tells you what essences in your Emergency Kit will address which symptom.

Essences included:  Birch (Sweet), Cedarwood (Atlas), Eucalyptus (Lemon), Fir (Balsam); Geranium, Lavandin (grosso), Ylang Ylang, Grapefruit, Peppermint (US), Rosemary (high camphor), Basil (Sweet) and Tea Tree.

Multiracial Hands Making a CircleThe Essence of Collaboration  ($140 + S&H)  Fifteen 2 ml Essences & Fabric Holder

If you desire to engage others from a heart-centered place…whether in business, social settings or in your personal relationships…this is for YOU.  Fifteen attributes and perspectives that engender cooperation, such as Trust, Authenticity and Openness, are paired with exquisite essential oils that foster them in our thinking and actions.   These essences help you to create “WIN-WIN” outcomes in your life, and increase your level of satisfaction with your endeavors and your relationships.   Check your competitive spirit at the door, and let the plants and trees bring out the imaginative, heart-centered collaborator in you!

Essences included:  Chamomile (Wild), Cardamon Seed (Green), Lavender  (Highland -1200m), Tangerine, Cajeput (White Tea Tree), Cedarwood (Atlas),  Anise Seed, Orange (Blood Red), Rhododendron, Violet, Eucalyptus (Mint), Laurel Leaf, Amyris, Pine (Ocean), Geranium

Public domain image, royalty free stock photo from www.public-domain-image.comHeaven Scent….Calling in the Archangels ($140 + S&H)  Fifteen 2 ml Essences & Fabric Holder

The angelic realm assists us in connecting to Spirit and stands ready to help humans clarify their soul purpose and unique gifts.  When we call in the angels, we are requesting their guidance and assistance with life’s challenges and opportunities.  We are also signaling our willingness to listen and act on the guidance received.  Essential Oils can help us connect with the angel or angels most appropriate for a particular need or desire and open our hearts to receive their divine messages.  Allow them to help you “knock on Heaven’s door” and fully and gratefully receive the blessed assistance they so graciously offer.

Essences included:  Ravensara (Aromatica), Rosemary verbenone, Bergamot, Angelica Root(1 ml included due to rarity and cost), Rhododendron, Basil (Holy), Cypress,  Hyssop, Fir (Douglas), Peppermint (US), Geranium, Lavender (Highland – 1200m), Rosewood, Marjoram (Sweet), and Laurel Leaf.

love is in the airLove is in the Air  ($140 + S&H)  Twelve 2 ml Essences & Fabric Holder

Essential oils are some of the most powerful aphrodisiacs known to humankind.  However, the beauty of the oils lies most profoundly in their ability to access and accentuate the spiritual side of physical intimacy, so that your spirit is soaring, not just your hormones.  The essences will also gently and persistently guide you toward any issues that are getting in the way of deeper and more fulfilling intimacy…and support you in addressing them, even if your haven’t done so for years and years.

Time is irrelevant to the plants and trees…they are in the “now” and invite you to be there, too!  So, it doesn’t matter what happened to you 10 years ago, or two months ago, or one hour ago.  The essences allow and challenge you to look inside your heart AT THIS MOMENT, and bring forth the most authentic answer you can to the powerful question “What would LOVE do now?”  And, really, that is the only question…and the only answer…that matters.  Put them over your heart…above your upper lip…on your solar plexus…and let them open you to a deeper, more satisfying, more beautiful experience.

Essences included:  Chamomile (Wild), Champaca (1 ml due to rarity & cost), Cinnamon Leaf, Ginger, Ginger Lily, Magnolia, Nutmeg, Rosewood, Sage (Clary), Tansy (Wild), Violet, and Ylang Ylang

meditinlotusManifest!  ($105 + S&H)  Fifteen 2 ml Essences & Fabric Holder

Create the life you want to live – realize your potential and be the grandest version of who you really are.  These essences support you in clarifying and achieving your life’s purpose, manifesting that which you desire.  They call forth the support and guidance of the Universe.    Begin with all fifteen, or choose essences according to where you are relative to manifesting something important to you (from the descriptions which accompany the AromaKit).  Now, with the plants and trees as your allies, open your heart and mind to the possibilities, and watch things begin to happen.

Essences included:  Spruce (Black), Spruce (Red), Lavender (Spike), Rhododendron, Sage (True), Eucalyptus (Mint), Mugwort, Basil (Exotic), Chamomile (Wild), Hyssop, Nutmeg, Laurel Leaf, Orange Bigarade, Balsam (gurjun) and Juniper Berry.

Technology and IndustryPeaceful Journey…A Hospice Kit  ($105 + S&H)  Fifteen 2 ml Essences & Fabric Holder

The end of life journey began with our first inhale and ends with our last exhale…two gentle parentheses which cradle the entirety of our earthly experience.  Our journey to the other side need not be defined by fear, doubt, sadness or pain…for ourselves, or for those who love and care for us.  Indeed, this transition, if done with support and clear intention, can be made peacefully, lovingly and consciously.  The essences selected for Peaceful Journey offer support, comfort and clarity for the ultimate journey of one’s life.

Essences included:  Frankincense, Lime (Mexican), Orange (Blood Red), Geranium, Lavender (Fine), Pine (White), Pine (Ocean),  Rhododendron, Peppermint (US), Rosewood, Bergamot, Myrtle (linalool), Ylang Ylang, Marjoram (Wild) and Cypress.

scentofawomanScent of a Woman  ($105 + S&H)  Fifteen 2 ml Essences & Fabric Holder

The essences in this Kit are carefully selected to meet the needs most commonly expressed by the women I consult with daily…hormonal balance, skin care, stress, depression, digestion, lymph/cellulite, headaches, libido and insomnia.  On a spiritual/emotional level, they address balance, harmony, creativity, speaking one’s truth, self-esteem and self-love.  Embrace your femininity, rediscover balance,  and alleviate nagging physical issues with the essences contained in this AromaKit.

Essences included:  Geranium, Sage (Clary), Ginger, Rose Hip Seed (rosa rubiginosa), Carrot Seed, Lavender (Highland – 1200m), Grapefruit, Cypress, Peppermint (US), Marjoram (Sweet), Ylang Ylang, Lemongrass (Indian), Manuka, Davana and Anise Raven.

Travel Kit ImageTravel Kit – AromaKit ($40) Fifteen 2ml Bottles in Fabric Holder

This “make your own” AromaKit is for those who want to create an AromaKit for travel or every-day use with their own essential oils. It includes the custom-made, fabric holder, 15 empty 2ml bottles and blank labels. It comes ready for you to fill with your own essences and assemble into an indispensible, convenient AromaKit that easily fits into your purse, backpack, briefcase or suitcase.  A wide selection of fabrics is available for these Kits, so please specify a color choice, and whether the kit is for a male or female, if you order on line